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Securite is a one stop solution company that addresses safety, security and out sourcing requirements of all segments of clients, and provides services such as Background checks, due diligence, corporate risk investigation, facility management, and outsourcing.. We in securite believe that a safe and secure environment is a necessity for organisations to prosper.

Our security services include providing guard force, executive protection, close protection services (personal body guards) risk assessment &mitigation, corporate contingency plans and security response plans, fire prevention and fire fighting, security consultancy, security system planning and designing, counter terrorism measures, electronic security, Theft and fraud prevention programs ,security audits, loss prevention and Liaison and PR with law enforcement agencies and other Govt. Agencies.

We specialize in dealing with complex and difficult security issues which require expertise and precision. Securite is one of the few private security agencies in India which is capable of dealing with critical security situations involving high level security and counter terrorism protection. Our force is specially trained by most experienced hands from elite security forces of Mumbai police and other military and Para military forces that are specially trained in tactical high level security training.We are renowned to implementing innovative ,imaginative and cost effective security solutions and provide tailor made security solutions to clients and have the speed and flexibility to react and deliver solutions quickly in complex and unpredictable environments as per the clients requirements.

Back ground checks as well as due diligence in business have become a necessity to mitigate risks in conducting business as well as it is critical to any organisation survival and image. We offer private and discreet verification services as well as verification with consent by adopting systematic scientific methods, investigation, surveillance, survey, audits, interviews, right intelligence from sources and screening through various databases.

We carry out Background checks on behalf of clients such as employment checks, Due diligence of a customer, new dealers, suppliers, franchisees or distributors, Licensing products or other services to another company, entering into partnership or Joint venture, mergers and acquisition of companies, Top Management employees, due diligence of industrial unrest and screening of office bearers etc.verification of entire supply chain integrity, frauds in product diversion, counterfeiting products (Trade mark & Patent infringement), internal thefts, and siphoning of stocks from stores/warehouses, child labour, corruption at various departments, KYC verification etc.

Our Facility Management Division provides high quality facility management solutions to various industries such as Hospitality, Airports, IT/ITES, Business Parks, Manufacturing units, Hospitality ,FMCG, Residential, Health care, Oil &gas , Vital installations such as power ,chemical industry, Retail ,banks and financial institutions, Academic and research Institutions, sports stadiums, shopping malls and warehouses etc. .Some of our services include complete maintenance of property including common area ,management of Visitors ,24X7 help desk, parking area, civil work supervision, space management, traffic management, Equipment and installation management of ,maintenance services such as UPS ,DG,HVAC,Plumbing,warehouse management, waste treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, project works, energy audits, Carpentry and masonry, housekeeping &janitorial services, Liaise with public utility agencies, Govt. Bodies and other relevant agencies for timely compliance's and payment of dues, Life safety, Ramp handling in airports ,cargo warehouse, and security system management.etc.

We at securite have systems in place for monitoring and supervision of operations round the clock such as,24 x7 control room to monitor all operations undertaken by us, continuous training and preparedness to attend exigencies /emergency, Industry specific SOP.Regular audit of existing arrangements and follow up action, daily visits and supervisory checks during the Wee hours, close working relationships with client to understand their requirements needs and feed backs are some of the standards which we practice.

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