Back Ground Checks/Private Investigation

Back Ground Checks/Private Investigation

Back ground checks as well as due diligence in business have become a necessity to mitigate risks in conducting business and is critical to any organisations survival and image. We offer private and discreet verification and verification with consent by adopting systematic scientific methods, investigation, surveillance, survey, audits and interviews.

We carry out Back ground checks on behalf of clients such as employment checks, Due diligence of a customer, new dealers,suppliers,franchisees, distributors, Licensing products or other services to another company, entering into partnership or Joint venture, mergers and acquisition of companies, Top Management employees verification, Verification of entire supply chain integrity , frauds in product diversion, counterfeiting products, internal thefts, and siphoning of stocks from stores and warehouses, child labour, corruption in various departments, KYC ,verification etc. The background checks we provide consists of wide range of information like shareholding/ ownership structure of an organization, key personnel, pending cases/ litigation, market reputation, business style, regulatory non-compliance, money laundering ,adverse media, credit check, international watch lists, shrinkage due to frauds and losses, misappropriation etc.

We also conduct verification services such as education verification,employement verification,reference verification,,data base verification,,Anti bribery and corruption regulatory compliance and verification ,criminal record verification, corporate investigations, Industrial espionage, financial investigation, Insurance fraud investigations, Asset verification, Litigation support, matrimonial , people finder, Risk assessment & mitigation etc.

Corporate due diligence

We carry out various due diligence services for enrolling new vendors, suppliers, distributors, franchisees, joint venture or partnership in business, Mergers with other entities and acquisition of new company. Licensing of finished goods or other services to other companies, frauds in product diversions from the stores, ware houses, counterfeiting products, investing in a new business, due diligence of industrial relations, screening of office bearers and support to ensure healthy industrial relations, etc.

Private Investigation services

We undertake all types of fraud and misconduct investigation, Investigation in the supply chain irregularities, Counterfeiting products which are branded (Trade Mark & Patent Infringement), Internal thefts, unexplained shrinkages from stores and warehouses, corruption in various departments, insurance frauds, misappropriation, industrial espionage, financial investigations, matrimonial, people finder etc.

We in partnership with various authorities provide verification services such as employment verification, criminal records verification, court cases verification, , reference verification, address verification, various data base verification, Anti bribery and corruption regulatory compliance verification such as UK Bribery act2010, FCPA, Indian corrupt practices Act, verification of Global watch list, sexual offender data base, litigation support, KYC verification, Education verification etc.

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