Security Services

Security Services

Our security services include providing guard force, executive protection, close protection services (personal body guards) risk assessment &mitigation, corporate contingency plans and security response plans, fire prevention and fire fighting, security consultancy, security system plan and design, counter terrorism measures, electronic security, Theft and fraud prevention programs,, security audits, loss prevention and Liaison and PR with law enforcement agencies and other Govt. Agencies.

Guarding services

At Securite, we have provide highly trained and professional security personnel. We recruit security personnel after careful background screening and is trained in physical, industrial, retail and corporate security and they are well versed in security equipments, emergency preparedness and responses, fire fighting, loss prevention, investigation and fraud prevention. We provide services to high risk environment such as aviation / airport, event security, hotel security, mall security, retail security, school security, supply chain, power station security, hospital security, IT parks, factories, Banks &financial institutions, Academic &research institutions, sports stadiums, warehouses, shopping malls and multiplexes.

Private Investigation / Back ground checks

We carry out Background checks on behalf of clients such as employment , background check of  new, suppliers, franchisees or distributors, Licensing products or other services to another company, entering into partnership or Joint venture, mergers and acquisition of companies, Top Management employees verification, Verification of entire supply chain integrity , frauds in product diversion, counterfeiting products, internal thefts, and unexplained shrinkages of stocks from stores/warehouses, child labour, corruption at various departments, KYC verification etc. which is critical to any organisations survival and image. The background checks we provide consists  wide range of information like shareholding/ ownership structure of an organization, key personnel, pending cases/ litigation, market reputation, business style, regulatory non-compliance, money laundering , adverse media, credit check, international watch lists, misappropriation etc.

We offer private and discreet verification as well as verification with consent, after systematic scientific investigation, surveillance, audits and interviews to all types of organizations and individuals. We also conduct corporate investigations, Industrial espionage, financial investigations, shrinkage due to theft &frauds, Insurance fraud investigations, Asset verification, Litigation support, Risk assessment &mitigation

Electronic Security

We offer all types of electronic security system such as CCTVs, access control system, alarm system such as intruder system, Fire alarm system, HMMD, DFMD, Video door systems, Public address system, Visitor management system, Parking management system ,Airport security systems, Ballistic blast protection gears, Air purifying respirators gas masks, bullet proofing of vehicles, Anti mine &riot vehicles, smart cards, RFID, bollards, electronic gates, Flap barriers, Bomb suits, bomb blankets, unmanned surveillance vehicles, night vision devices, bullet proof jackets, equipment s to counter terrorism, Audio- video surveillance, Bomb  detection disposal equipment's and surveillance devices.

The system we provide is the best in the industry and we have partnership with the best in the electronic industry and we ensure latest technology available in the market.

Loss Prevention

We provide services for minimizing theft and loss with appropriate theft prevention programs to all organizations . We can offer a variety of expert solutions to different sector and at different occasions.

Event security

Securite provides complete Event  security services such as crowd control, access control, executive protection, escorting services, traffic and parking control management etc for all types of major events such as sports events, corporate functions, music concert, fashion shows, AGMs ,exhibitions etc.

Fire Protection

We undertake turnkey fire prevention &fire fighting projects such as fire hydrants systems, fire suppression systems, public address system, fire alarm systems etc.

Our security personnel are trained in fire fighting and recovery. We also deploy security staff that who are trained in advanced fire fighting as per industry specific requirement such as oil and gas, chemical, Pharmaceutical, heavy engineering, large ware houses and retail industries.

Close Protection Services (executive protection/bodyguards)

Our close protection officers both male and female are trained by retired members of elite security forces in the country .

We provide personal protection officers, Close protection teams, Security drivers, residential security teams, security officers for high profile events and product launches and fully integrated VIP protection teams.

Protection of client from threat at all times, constantly asses threats or other issues for clients, maintain integrity of any premises that their client may visit, assure that their clients privacy and well beings is maintained at all times, maintain security at the clients home, business premises, venues,and hotels. Our EPOS possess professional values such as ,Integrity, Confidence, Candour, Discreteness Bearing attention to detail, Responsiveness, Alert and commitment.

Security consultancy

Our Expert consultants and advisers can provide client’s security risk assessment and mitigation management and specialized training to members of the organisations

Consultancy services includes security audit of existing security arrangements, security training and security program development such as bomb threat responses, corporate contingency planning and security response program, review and observation of existing security program, threat risk vulnerability assessment of new/existing facilities, security, fire fighting and response,, information security, security awareness/ briefings on security ,fire and emergency preparedness and responses,, security systems planning and designing, counter terrorism measures, theft/Loss prevention ,as well as liaison with Law enforcement agencies and other Govt. agencies.